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Wow didn't expect it to taste so nice

I have to ask does this contain sugar!(This is sweet!(I have just started using will do another review in another month!)But so far I am encouraging!

Liposentials is Essential!

I’ll keep it simple: great team, great company, great product. Take Liposentials — directly from the package! — is a daily routine! I just ordered the 6 Boxer for me and my wife!

Great Product & Team

Originally, I bought Liposentials to support the owners — people of integrity and care for others — I’m really glad I’ve made the choice because I use Liposentials daily straight from the packet (always keep this!). I can’t wait for more from the Liposentials team! Thank you!

It's not placebo

Incredible vitamin C, absorption is so fast. As soon as I feel sign of any cold and taken this I instantly feel better. This little vitamin c sachets looks good with lots of health benefits. Been recommending it to all my friends & family & everyone loves it.

Like it

I really like this product and have felt better energy levels since taking it.

Energy drink alternative

This is like energy drink. You immediately feel the energy, but in a natural way. Love it!

Great flavor

The best flavored liposomal vitamin C on the market!

Gave it a chance

Feel so much better taking liposentials vitamin C. Taste good too!

Vit C is a lifesaver...

Thank you, I love it so much!


Me and my family absolutely love liposentials vitamin C. Delivery is prompt and the website is quick and easy to use.

Great product, I like it

Great taste. An easy way to get your daily vitamin c


Really effective vitamin C. I think this is the first supplement that is working for me.

Helps me

I have a horrible immune system. I am just one of the people who gets sick a lot and it takes me forever to get over it. I started to google and saw Liposentials article about benefits of liposomal supplements. So I gave it a shot. I have honestly not been sick once since October of 2020! I can't say enough about this product. I even asked my doctor because it honestly seems too good to be true. The only concern she had is that the FDA recommends 500mg of Vitamin C daily and this is 1000mg. A higher does can result in kidney stones in some people. For me, so far so good!

Mega dosing works

I Love this vitamin C! I have had excellent results with it. Especially taking double doses when I am coming down with a cold.

I feel the difference

Great supplement. Can immediately feel a difference after taking it.

Love it

Very good product. I buy it on monthly basis.

Good product

I have been having these daily for over a month now and I think they are great. I have lots more energy in the mornings and the added benefit is they taste great!

Liquid supplements

This is my new favorite liquid supplement brand! I love liposentials vitamin C.


Highly recommend!

I feel it works

Thank you, great product and great service.

Liposomes really work

I am really starting to believe that product is working. I have more energy and I never caught a cold since I started to us it.

Great product

I'm using liposentials Vit C for quite some time already. Everything is great, but I give 4 stars just because I want to have more flavors. Orange is soooooo boring.....

I recommend liposentials

Really like this product and I would highly recommend it

Biggest FAN

Thank you for making such a delicious tasting liposomal vitamin C. I'm a huge fan :)